SMART Estimator

SMART Estimator 2024 Release Notes

SMART Estimator Version 2024.0 (Build 375)
February 2024

  • AddedThe Macdeck scaffolding system is now available!
    • Macdeck Safety decking by JMAC Safety Systems is available under the new Macdeck scaffolding system. This can be used as a “crash deck”.
  • ReplacedSMART Estimator User Guides have been replaced by the new and improved online Help Centre. The Help tab now contains an Online Help button rather than a User Guides menu.
  • RemovedThe obsolete tools for importing addresses from legacy products (C.A.S.E., SMART Scaffolder UK, Legacy Outlook) have been removed from the address book.
  • ImprovedThe speed to load the quotation print preview has been significantly improved, especially for projects with many items.
  • Issue Fixed“Macdeck” has been added to the default Quote IT dictionary, so it is not reported as a spelling mistake.
  • Bug FixedThe Project browser now updates immediately after saving a copy of an Enterprise project with a new Quote Number using File > Save As.
  • Bug FixedChanging the display name for a Configuration now immediately updates the Select Configuration correctly.

SMART Estimator API 24.1.0
February 2024

  • ImprovedTo help prevent confusion, upgrading data to 2024.0 or higher now prevents all previous versions of SMART Estimator from connecting to the same data store. You will instead be prompted to connect using SMART Estimator 2024.
  • Bug FixedFixed a rare issue restoring backups with invalid symbols in the projects list file.
  • Bug FixedFixed some issues restoring SMART Estimator backups from older versions that contain a Macdeck configuration.

SMART Estimator API 24.0.0
January 2024

  • UpdatedUpdate to allow cloud storage upgrades to 2024.
  • Bug FixedFixed a rare issue where a backup file could be created with invalid symbols in the projects list file.