SMART Estimator

Add Image to the Building Elevation Video
Add images to the building elevations
  1. Click on the Elevation Image button

    You can add images to the front face of any modelled building elevations. For example, you could add photos of the building or your company logo. To do this, select the Add Elevation Image button:

  2. Applying an Image onto an elevation

    Using this tool, click on the elevations that you wish to add an image to:

    Applying images to one elevation

    Hold the Ctrl key as you click on an elevation to add this image to only one elevation.

    If you don’t hold the Ctrl key, the image will be added to all elevations of this scaffold.

Edit the elevation image
  1. Select the Button

    Once you have imported an elevation image as described in the Add images to the Building elevations section, you can edit it to add mark-up or remove unwanted details. Select the Edit Elevation Image button.

  2. Click on the Elevation

    Using this tool, click on the elevation with the image you want to edit.

  3. Editor Interface

    An editor will open so you can make changes to the image.

  4. Draw on the Elevation Image

    Draw on the image with the mouse in your choice of colour and pen size.

  5. Crop the Elevation

    Remove unwanted portions of the image. To do this, select the tool, then drag the edge and corner grips to remove the parts of the image you do not want, and press Apply: