SMART Estimator

How to Export a 3D Model Video
Send a 3D model to other BIM software
  1. Create an IFC

    To create a 3D model which can be used in other BIM software, for visualisation, design or planning, the universal IFC file type has been provided.

    To create an IFC file of your scaffolding, select the Create IFC button on the BIM Toolbox tab.

  2. Save your File

    You will be asked where you would like to save your IFC file:

    Select a location and name for your IFC file and press Save.

  3. Consider the following:

    IFC Practicality and Visualization

    Many software packages include the ability to add IFC models.

    If you, your client or engineers have a 3D model of the structure you will be scaffolding around, you can show the scaffold and the structure in the same model.

    You or your client could use this information for planning or visualisation.

    Save your Project

    The IFC file does not contain all of the information used by SMART Estimator, so you should still save your project by pressing File and then choosing the Save option.

Send a 3D model to your customer

For customers trained to use BIM software, the IFC export will provide the most feature rich experience. For everyone else, a variety of 3D exports is available.

A 3D DWG can be opened in Autodesk AutoCAD.

Create DWG

3D PDFs can be opened in many free PDF viewers, including Adobe PDF Reader.

Create 3D PDF

3D HTML can be opened in all major internet browsers.

Create 3D HTML
  1. Choose

    To export a 3D Building Model of your scaffold and/or your Building, select one of the 3D Export buttons on the BIM Toolbox tab.

  2. Select your Location

    You will be asked where you would like to export your 3D Building model file:Select a location and name for your IFC file and press Save.

  3. Prompt for Export

    You can choose to include the building or create a file with just the scaffolding.

  4. Wait till Completed

    Once SMART Estimator has finished processing the scaffold, it will export the scaffold along with the IFC 3D Building if selected, in the form of an IFC, DWG, PDF or HTML file to the location you have specified.