SMART Estimator

Importing Quote Templates
  1. Where can I get a Quote Template?

    If you have been provided with a quotation template (.mITq) file by the SMART Scaffolder Support Team or a colleague in support, you can easily import it into SMART Estimator.

    Simply save the quotation template file (.mITq) that you received as an attachment in the email and save it to a suitable location on your computer. Right Mouse Click on the attachment and select Save As. Click on the Desktop icon on the left side of the screen and click on Save.

    The SMART Scaffolder Support team can provide you with a quotation template. To request a quote template, click on the button below and fill out the form with your details. The SMART Scaffolder Support team will then provide you with the requested quotation template.

  2. Import the Quote Template

    Once you have the template file, you’re ready to import it into SMART Estimator. Click on the Import Quote button along the Quote IT ribbon and you’ll be taken to a file explorer. Browse to your Desktop to where you saved the Quote Template file, select it and then click on Open.

    Overwriting the Quote Prompt

    If there is already a template named exactly the same as the one you are importing then you will receive a prompt. Select Yes to replace and import the Quote Template file.

  3. The quote template has been imported

    Now that the quote template has been imported into SMART Estimator, click on the select quote drop-down and you’ll find your newly imported quote. Click on it and you can now use the imported quote.