SMART Estimator

SMART Estimator 2023 Release Notes

SMART Estimator Version 2023.0 beta(Build 192)
August 2023

The following enhancements have been made in this version of SMART Estimator:

  • AddedThe Invoicing Link user guide has been added to the Help menu.
  • UpdatedSMART Estimator has been updated to use the latest version of Microsoft Local DB.
  • UpdatedSome of the brand colouring on the default quotation template has been updated so it is easier to change the colour.
  • Bug FixedAdding lead-ins in Schedule IT now works correctly.
  • Bug FixedUNC file paths are now supported as the location for a legacy Windows Enterprise data store.
  • Bug FixedInside toe boards are now removed when the inside guardrails are set to None.
  • Bug FixedFixed a specific sequence which could cause address book edits to fail.
  • Bug FixedDeleting qualifications in Schedule IT can no longer cause a later crash in Quote IT.
  • Bug FixedCreating variations now works even for a custom variable extension.
  • Bug FixedThe project status is now always clearly displayed as a dropdown.
  • Bug FixedFile > Projects never displays multiple nested horizontal scrollbars.
  • Bug FixedSaving a project no longer changes the start date unexpectedly.
  • Bug FixedThe short top lift option in the apply to all row of Schedule IT now works consistently.

SMART Estimator API 23.0.0
August 2023

The following enhancements have been made in this version of the SMART Estimator API:

  • UpdatedRAMS is now supported, with new API endpoints for access, edit and deletion of:
    • The configuration list of people that may be harmed by a hazard.
    • Risk assessment template layout files.
    • Method statement template layout files.