SMART Estimator

Importing Satellite images and roadmaps video
Importing Satellite images and roadmaps video
  1. Click on Satellite Menu

    It is possible to import a site satellite photo or building and road map from Google Maps©. This requires an internet connection.

    To do this, first select the Satellite Photo Dropdown menu:

  2. Validate Site Address

    Ensure the Site Address is filled out with a valid postcode. You can set this by selecting the Site Address button

  3. Fill site address if required

    Fill out the site address, and press the green tick button to apply your changes:

  4. Click on the Import Button

    Finally, select the Import Site Satellite Photo button of your choice to import a satellite photo of the site.

    Smaller Size = Higher Quality

    Choosing a smaller size will give a higher quality image. Try the smallest size first.