SMART Estimator

Edit the PDF, DXF, DWG site plan
  1. Editing the Plan after Importing it

    Once you have imported a site plan as described in the Importing PDF, DWG, DXF Plans section or imported a site satellite photo from Google Maps© as described in the Importing a Satellite photo or Roadmap section, you can edit it to add mark-up or remove unwanted details.

  2. Open the Background Image Editor

    Select the Edit Background Image button, to edit the site plan.

    Now an editor will open so you can make amendments to the image.

  3. Draw on the Site Plan

    Draw on the image with the mouse in your choice of colour and pen size.

  4. Crop the Site plan

    Remove unwanted portions of the image. To do this, select the tool, then drag the edge and corner grips to remove the parts of the image you do not want, and press Apply:

Move a PDF, DXF, DWG site plan
  1. Select the Move Tool for Site Plans

    If you do not like the positioning of the site plan, you can move it using the Drag the background option from the Move menu on the Background drop-down menu.

    How do I drag Diagonally?

    Note that the site plan can only be dragged horizontally or vertically. To drag diagonally, you must drag the site plan in two separate steps.

  2. Dragging the Site Plan

    To move the plan back to its original position, select Move the background to the centre, from the same menu.

Filter the PDF, DXF, DWG site plan
  1. Filtering by Colour or Layer

    Some site plans contain information that you don’t need. Removing such useless information from the plan may make it easier to use and understand. There are two ways to filter this information out of the plan:

    Remove selected colours from the plan;
    Remove selected layers from the plan.

  2. Remove selected colours from the plan

    You can remove a selected colour from the plan. For instance, your plan may include engineering mark-up that is not required for estimating a scaffold around the outside of the building:

  3. Remove selected layers from the plan

    If the file you used as a site plan includes the objects grouped into layers, you can remove unnecessary layers from the plan:

  4. Removing Colours or Layers in site plan

    To remove selected colours or layers from the plan, follow these steps:

Remove the PDF, DXF, DWG site plan

To remove the site plan, choose the Clear option. This is available from the Background drop-down menu on the BIM Toolbox tab.