SMART Estimator

Copy and pasting Items
  1. Duplication tool in the Project Browser

    You may wish to provide multiple items that are similar with a few variations in a quotation. Manually creating each item with similar scaffolding can be time-consuming and repetitive. With the Duplication Tool in the Project Browser, this process can be greatly streamlined.

  2. Creating a duplicate of an item

    To duplicate an item, hover over an existing item you wish to duplicate. In the top right corner, you will see two Tool icons that will appear. In particular, we are looking for the Duplication tool, which appears as a two-page icon.

  3. Click on the Two-Page Icon

    If you click on this icon, a new scaffold item will be created that is identical to the existing scaffold item. You can now make any changes you wish to the new scaffold, such as changing the name, adjusting the height, and adding / removing scaffold add-ons.

    Deleting a duplicate item

    Should you make a mistake or wish to remove items from the project, it is possible to delete an item by pressing the circular ‘X’ Delete Tool beside the Duplication tool, this will prompt you to confirm you truly wish to delete the item. Press ‘Ok’ and the item will be removed.