SMART Estimator

Creating and Editing Addresses
  1. Address Book Overview

    When you create a new project with a new address, you do not need to manually add the address to your customer or site address books. Once a unique customer or site address has been filled out, the software will automatically prompt you to save it, thereby completing your address book organically.

  2. Accessing your Address Book

    You can add an address directly to the address book or multiple addresses to the address book when creating a new project. The address books can be accessed from the create project screen by clicking either ‘select’ from the customer’s address book or ‘select’ from the site’s address book.

    Address Book access for BIM Toolbox, Quote IT, and Price IT

    It is possible to access both the customer address book and the site address book within BIM Toolbox. When you click on the satellite photo drop-down menu and then click on ‘Site Address,’ you can edit or access your customer address book and site address book.

    The Quote IT module also provides access to the customer address book and the site address book through the main toolbar or by double-clicking on either of the addresses in the quotation document.

    Lastly, within Price IT, you may access both address books by selecting ‘Site Address’ from the transport options drop-down menu.

  3. Utilising the Address Book

    When you open the address book, all your addresses will be displayed as a list by default. You can add blank addresses to the address book, remove addresses from the address book, or filter through your address book using the search function.

    Adding an Address

    In order to add an address to your address book, you must click on the top toolbar and click on ‘add address’ to create a blank address for you to fill in. The details are automatically saved, so when you have filled in all the details, you are ready to go.

    Change the display

    You can change the display of how the addresses look in SMART Estimator from a list to separate cards or a carousel-like display by clicking on any of the ‘Display as’ buttons on the top toolbar.