SMART Estimator

3D IFC Model display options
  1. Overview of the 3D IFC Model Display

    There are two ways to control how the IFC is displayed when editing your Project. You may find it easier to edit a scaffold if you hide your Building or make it transparent. Some estimators, however, may find it helpful to display the building when creating or editing the Scaffold, since it provides a better sense of scale.

  2. Make the 3D IFC Model transparent

    For IFC site plans, the objects in the plan can be set as Opaque or Transparent using the tools in the IFC Model section. Transparent buildings can make it easier to see and edit the scaffolding.

    Opaque buildings look better in the quotation.

  3. Show or Hide the 3D IFC Model

    For IFC site plans, the plan can be set as Shown or Hidden using the tools in the IFC Model section.

    Click to Hide IFC site plan

    Click to Show IFC site plan

Moving and Removing a 3D IFC model
  1. Moving a Site Plan

    You can move an IFC building using the Move tool in the IFC Model section. Then simply left click and hold on the Site Plan, then drag it along the hidden axis.

    Dragging a site plan diagonally

    Note that the site plan can only be dragged horizontally or vertically. To drag diagonally, you must drag in two separate steps.

  2. Removing a Site Plan

    To remove the site plan, choose the Clear option. This is available from the Background drop-down menu on the BIM Toolbox tab.