SMART Estimator

User Address Settings and Yard
  1. Address Settings Overview

    As part of its estimation function, SMART Estimator calculates both the transport distance and the logistics necessary to provide accurate cost estimates and quotations. SMART Estimator can perform this function for you, if the company and yard addresses are supplied in the software’s settings.To set your default company and yard addresses, navigate to the address settings to proceed.

    I cannot click on Address Settings to proceed?

    You may find that the address settings are greyed out. They can only be accessed when a project is open. Create a project in order to resolve this issue. Once the project has been created, it will now be available from the file menu for selection. Click on the address settings to proceed.

  2. Changing your Addresses

    We will now update the company’s address. Click the ‘change’ button below the company address, and enter your business name, address, city, country, postcode, fax number and website. If you wish, you can also provide your contact information, including your name and surname, your email address, and your phone number. After you have entered all the details for your company address, click ‘Done’.

    Lastly, you will need to update your yard address by clicking ‘Change’ below the depot (yard) address. If it is the same as your company address, you must fill it in again and click ‘Done’.

  3. Saving your Addresses

    As soon as you have saved your addresses, click on ‘Save Settings’ and they will be locked in for future projects. SMART Estimator will now include your Company Address in your Quote Template in addition to calculating the distance between your depot (yard) address and the customer’s address.