SMART Estimator

Adding Independent Scaffolds
  1. Creating an independent

    Tied Independent scaffolds are the most commonly used scaffolding type, and they’re also the basic building blocks of SMART Estimator. Modeling tied independent scaffolds on multiple elevations is possible using the independent tools.

    In order to create an independent scaffold, navigate to Model IT and select the Scaffolds View. Then click the Single Elevation button to make a Freeform singular elevation scaffold. In addition, if you wish to create a specific shape, you may also select a shape scaffold from the options to the right of the button.

  2. Modifying an Independent

    Using the 3D Model Controls, such as the Red Highlight and the Toolbox Dialog, we are now able to modify the scaffold you have just created, and at this point, both of these features will be used throughout the documentation.

  3. Dimensions: Height and Length

    You can modify the Elevation Height and Length by clicking and dragging on one side of the wall. The height or length can also be set by hovering your mouse over the elevation and entering your dimensions, followed by pressing the Enter key. If you are setting the length, it is likely that you will need to use the Tab key to navigate down.

  4. Scaffold: Adjusting Lift Heights

    There are two ways to adjust the height of a scaffold lift: you can click and drag the lift itself, move it up or down along the elevation, and then click again to set the height. Alternatively, you may hover your mouse over the Lift Height and manually enter the height in the Toolbox Dialog.

    How to Select all the Lifts

    When using the drag and drop functionality or when setting the lift height, you have the option to change all of the lifts above the one you are highlighting. Press and hold the Shift key while hovering the mouse over any lift; you will see that all lifts above the current one are also selected. In other words, any changes you make now will be applied to all highlighted lifts.

    How to Select only one side of the Lifts

    Furthermore, you can isolate the highlights on the lifts so that any changes you make will only affect one elevation. Press and hold the Ctrl key while hovering the mouse over the lifts; you will notice that the building elevations are only highlighted on one side. In this way, you can modify one side of the lift.

    You will also be able to modify all lifts from that side of the building by using the Shift key in conjuction with the Ctrl key.

  5. Scaffold: Setting the Platform Width

    You can set the Platform Width by hovering your mouse along the toeboards of the scaffold. Once the Toolbox Dialog appears, you can set the boarded platform width by entering the desired amount of boards from the Toolbox Dialog.

    It is possible to set the Platform width between three and eight boards. For more information regarding Inside Boards, Hop-up Brackets, and Double Boards, please click here.

  6. Additional Resources

    Schedule IT: Batch scaffold creation

    If you want to create multiple Independent Scaffolds quickly within SMART Estimator, it’s wise to create them in Schedule IT. This is due to the fact that scaffolds can be made quickly and changes can be made to all or some scaffolds as necessary.

    Draw IT: Designing scaffolds with Unusual shapes

    If you’re designing a scaffold around a complex and irregular-shaped building, then it’ll be best to utilise the Draw IT tool, as it allows you to plot and trace the scaffold on a Siteplan or on a grid.