SMART Estimator

SMART Estimator 2020 Release Notes

Version 2020.3 (Build 106)
October 2020

The following enhancements have been made in this version of SMART Estimator:

  • AddedSMART Estimator now auto-saves.
    • Don’t risk losing data in a power outage. Auto-save saves copies of your work regularly.
    • Retrieve auto-saved files using a new option in the File > Open menu.
    • Choose where, how many and how often auto-saves are made using new options in File > Settings.
  • AddedTemporary roofs are now available for Tube and Fitting!
    • Temporary roofs can be clad with sheeting, corrugated sheets or no cladding;
    • Only mono-pitch roofs are available, but multiple roofs can be placed in the same 3D model and aligned as required.
    • Pricing, material lists, quotation descriptions, 3D model and scheduling are all supported for tube and fitting temporary roofs.
    • Manual temporary roofs have been removed to make way for the new scaffold type.
  • AddedQuotes and settings can now be shared using the SMART Scaffolder Cloud!
    • Just login with your SMART Manager user name and password, and SMART Scaffolder will share your data with the rest of your estimators.
    • Control who can access your data using SMART Manager.
    • Don’t have a SMART Manager subscription? Contact the sales team by clicking here today.
  • UpdatedCheck IT TG20:13 and Check IT TG20:13 Plus have been updated:
    • The TG20:13 summary sheet style has been updated. It is now styled more like the TG20:13 certificates (available if you have the Check IT TG20:13 Plus licence).
    • The TG20:13 summary sheet and certificate sign-off section can now be filled out using SMART Estimator.
    • The TG20:13 summary sheet and certificates are shown together in a new PDF control.
    • All of these Check IT changes are part of preparation for the release of TG20:21 next year.
  • ImprovedThe add-ons quotation descriptions have been improved. Some cases that would produce long lists of scaffolds are now much shorter.

Version 2020.2 (Build 111)
May 2020

The following enhancements have been made in this version of SMART Estimator:

  • AddedTrack who is changing your files. The Projects grid (File > Projects) now shows the date, time and windows username of the last person to edit a quote.
  • UpdatedBIM Toolbox has received the following major improvements:
    • Import 3D building models, then trace around them to create scaffolding quickly and make stunning images.
    • Only IFC 2×3 files with metric units are currently supported. For performance, there is a maximum mesh count on imported building models.
    • Export your 3D model as an interactable 3D PDF, which can be opened by your customers using PDF software, including the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Export the 3D model to 3D DWG, which can be edited in AutoCAD.
    • Export your 3D model as an interactable 3D HTML, which can be opened by your customers using any major internet browser.
    • All three new exports may optionally include the imported building model.
  • ImprovedFaster launch time: SMART Estimator now launches much faster, especially if you are using a cloud licence. (Legacy hardware keys “dongles” are slower to read).
  • RemovedIt is no longer possible to close the File menu until you have created or opened a project.

Version 2020.1 (Build 993)
February 2020

The following enhancements have been made in this version of SMART Estimator:

  • AddedSMART RAMS is a new module for generating Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Content for this module was produced in association with Safety & Access Ltd.
  • AddedDouble boards and double boards with sheeting (sandwich boards) can now be placed on scaffold lifts.
    • For tube and fitting independent scaffolds, these are TG20:13 compliant provided they are placed on a pavement lift.
  • AddedA new pricing method per lift is available in Price IT. This simple method prices scaffolds only by the number of lifts, so it is useful for simple standardised pricing.
    • Scaffolds priced per lift can be optionally priced by height band, and the structural lifts can be priced separately, using the existing pricing labour options.
  • AddedCompany logos (or other images) can now be added to the sheeting.
  • AddedQuadruple guardrail options are available for tube and fitting, Layher and Kwikstage scaffolds.
  • AddedCuplok hop-ups now include stabilisation ledgers on the end of the bracket where connections are available.
  • AddedHAKI scaffolds have new guardrail options for un-boarded lifts: None, Single and Double guardrail frame.
  • UpdatedBy popular demand, the address book now defaults to Display as a List.
  • UpdatedThe search box on the configuration tab is now always visible, to make it easier to find.
  • ImprovedQuote IT has been improved:
    • New SMARTText fields for section titles can be hidden automatically when there are no scaffolds present (or only ‘manual’ scaffolds).
    • This new option is available for the Decking, Access and Loading titles.
    • The adaption description now explicitly states when adaptions are set as not included.
    • The add-ons description now explicitly states that add-ons have not been allowed for when none are present.
  • ImprovedImproved the drawing layout for dimensions, especially when the text size is increased.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue with undoing multiple actions on any items after the first.
  • Issue FixedFixed revised quotes, so the creation date is updated and the start date is not.
  • Issue FixedFixed a very rare issue that causes some SMART Estimator files to fail to open correctly when double clicked.
  • Issue FixedFixed a complex sequence where a banded price line could become hidden but still contribute to the price of the scaffold.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where installation would fail for the first person to install per day.