SMART Manager

Site and staff set up for variations

SMART Manager can be used to capture Variation instructions or instructions for estimating variation requests. Depending on the settings for the Staff member using the Handover App and the Contract settings for the Scaffold this will behave in a variety of ways.

The two settings in question are whether the Staff member can estimate their own work (click here for more info) and whether the Contract has a schedule of Rates (click here for more info).

Please use the Flow chart to understand how these settings affect the Variation outcome:

Completing Variations with a Schedule of Rates

Schedule of Rates Summary

For Sites with a Schedule of rates the monetary value input of the variation will be optional. If the user completing the variation knows the figure, they can input it. But it is not required to complete the document and capture the customer’s signature.

Adding the Scaffold

To create a variation for a new structure you will need to add the scaffold first. This can be done on SMART Manager or on SMART Handover. Once you have your scaffold added you can open the Scaffold details screen in SMART Handover. On the Scaffold details screen click Variation.

Fill in the Designated Fields

This will launch the variation flow, just like the handover we complete all the fields highlighted with an amber or red marker. Please note when the Schedule of Rates is enabled the Variation contract price and extra hire fields are optional.

Completing Variations Without a schedule of Rates

Completing Variations
without a schedule of rates

To complete a variation for a scaffold that does not have a schedule of rates. Follow the same flow either from the Variations option on the home screen or the Scaffold details screen. Remember for new structures you must add the scaffold to the site first (click here for more info).

Allocate the Contract Price
and Extra Hire Price

When the contract does not have a schedule of rates you will be required to enter a contract price and extra hire price to be included in the variation instruction document.

If the user can estimate their own work (this is set in the staff section of SMART Manager) then they can simply enter a price and complete all fields to get the variation signed and submitted.

Requesting the Estimator

If the user can’t estimate their own work, the software will show a button to email the Scaffold details to the nominated estimators for pricing (the nominated estimator is anyone added to the site as a staff member who can estimate their own work) when you have filled out all the fields (bar pricing) the bottom button will show an option to email the request to the estimator.

Signing off the Variation

Once the email has been sent, the variation can be saved in the “in-progress” section of the app. When the estimator has been in touch to supply the quoted price, the user can re-open the variation and enter the pricing and get the variation signed off with the customer.