SMART Manager

SMART Manager 2020 Release Notes

SMART Manager 20.3.1
October 2020

  • Bug FixedThe handover status report will no longer use too many resources when processing some reports.
  • Bug FixedThe handover status report now only excludes dismantled scaffolds when they are filtered out by the user.

SMART Manager 20.3.0
October 2020

  • AddedA new warning is displayed if you try to add a site when you have reached the maximum sites allowed.
  • AddedA new warning is displayed if you try to add a new staff member once you have reached the maximum staff allowed.
  • UpdatedThe Stock Control features are now only shown when activated. This helps simplify SMART Manager by only displaying the tools that you need.
  • ImprovedPerformance has been improved significantly when generating reports in a small number of cases where an image fails to load.

SMART Manager 20.2.0
September 2020

  • AddedThe following home screen charts now include a View Report button that can be clicked to view a more detailed report:
    • Inspections Today
    • Scaffolds in Extra Hire
    • Inspections: Last 7 days
    • Monthly Inspections Results
    • Inspections Due
  • AddedThese were the only remaining charts without this capability, so all home screen charts now include a View Report button.
  • UpdatedThe Inspection summary report now allows multiple sites to be selected.
  • UpdatedStaff can now optionally be given a three character “Quick ID”. This is tagged on to scaffold numbers to prevent scaffold numbers being duplicated.
  • UpdatedThe CSV export for the Scaffold Handover Status report now includes four extra columns: Scaffold type, Next inspection date, Design number, and Loading limit.
  • ImprovedThe home screen will now display much faster after login.
  • Bug FixedIt is no longer necessary to refresh the internet browser to make changes to area names and similar edits appear.
  • Bug FixedAn attempt to login with a dead account no longer causes an infinite loop of login requests.

SMART Manager 20.1.1
July 2020

  • AddedCOVI – For handovers and variations that were not signed by the customer, a Confirmation of Verbal Instruction (COVI) approval file can now be uploaded and downloaded from the Activity Tab. This feature can be used to provide evidence that the customer approved these scaffolds.

SMART Manager 20.1.0
June 2020

  • AddedHandovers are now highly customisable. Most of the text on the Handover certificates can now be edited from the Handover Settings page in SMART Manager.
  • AddedStaff can now be picked (without typing) and added as my company contract contacts. Staff contacts get emails but can’t sign handovers and variations on behalf of the customer.
  • AddedA BCC email address can now be added to contracts. The BCC email receives a copy of every email sent for that contract – to staff or customers.
  • UpdatedThe Activity tab has a new column: Area, showing the area of the scaffold for that activity.
  • UpdatedThe activity tab has a new column: Status, showing the outcome of an inspection, or the handover status of the scaffold.
  • ImprovedIt’s now even easier to create a new customer for a new site – a new Add button means you can remain on the site page while adding the customer.
  • ImprovedYou are now prompted on the home page to add your first site if you don’t have one.
  • ImprovedYou are now prompted on the home page to add more staff if you only have one member of staff set up.

SMART Manager 20.0.0
March 2020

  • UpdatedYou can now choose to add extra details to your handover certificates. Select new information from the new Handover Settings screen available off the settings cog.
  • ImprovedThe accept button on the EULA is now even easier to find and click.
  • Bug FixedSMART Timesheets: You can now open the time entry screen immediately. It will no longer jump back to the Items screen automatically the first time.
  • Bug FixedSMART Timesheets: Searching quote items in the item dropdown is now working correctly.
  • Bug FixedSMART Timesheets: Items in the items dropdown are now sorted by name.
  • Bug FixedActivity: Remedial actions and follow-up actions are no longer back to front.

SMART Manager 5.4.3
February 2020

  • UpdatedHandovers that are missing the scaffold specification (i.e., scaffold details) are no longer sent. Instead, an error is reported.

SMART Manager 5.4.2
February 2020

  • AddedAdded links to the CADS staff support console.

SMART Manager 5.4.1
January 2020

  • UpdatedThe stock report no longer shows deleted scaffolding systems.
  • UpdatedActivity tab: tonnage values will now show as they were for the activity, instead of the current value.
  • UpdatedChanged “Scaffolding Systems” labels to “Scaffolding System” in a couple of places.
  • ImprovedThe stock report values set as zero no longer appear as “Not Set”.
  • ImprovedImproved the CSV export columns with more data.
  • Bug FixedSite names that include “/n” or “/r” no longer cause occasional errors in generating emails.
  • Issue FixedStock report large numbers with commas no longer break the CSV export file.
  • Issue FixedFixed a minor spacing issue in the Add Scaffold.
  • Issue FixedFixed a minor inconsistency in the way the stock report menus and server filter data. Both showed the same data in all cases found, but a single method helps guarantee they will always match.
  • Issue FixedFixed a typo on the diary screen.

SMART Manager 5.4.0
January 2020

  • AddedThe tonnage of scaffolding material on a site can be recorded using a new site setting: Stock Control.
  • UpdatedScaffolding systems that you use can be set from the configuration.
  • AddedThe following new properties can be set for scaffolds:
    • The Maximum Tonnage (the tonnage of materials required to erect 100% of the scaffold).
    • The Standing Tonnage.
  • AddedA new stock report allows current stock levels to be monitored.
  • AddedAn End User Licence agreement has been added, which you must agree to once in order to use the app.
  • MaintenanceThe Dot Net Framework used has been upgraded to version 4.7.2.