SMART Manager

SMART Mobile Apps Legacy Release Notes

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.3.1
November 2019

  • Bug FixedFixed a bug in the out-of-date warning banner, to stop it showing before you synchronise data for the first time.
  • SMART Inspector 5.3.1
  • ImprovedThe SMART Inspector now synchronises faster, sending fewer commands.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.3.0
October 2019

  • ImprovedFailure to upload a photo (for instance because the device battery ran out) no longer prevents a handover or inspection email from sending.
  • SMART Inspector 5.3.0
  • AddedThe scaffolds list (Sites > Area > Scaffolds) now shows the handover status for each scaffold (if you are using SMART Handover)
  • AddedThe scaffolds list (Sites > Area > Scaffolds) now shows a “tick” symbol if you have inspected that scaffold today.
  • UpdatedThe “Inspections Due” list is now updated instantly after an inspection, rather than after the next full sync.
  • ImprovedRestored the “Inspections Due” badge on the home screen with improved performance, even on older phones.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.2.0
August 2019

  • AddedTo help you stay up to date with the latest improvements, a warning is now shown if a newer version of the app is available.
  • UpdatedAndroid API level raised to the latest Android API version (28).
  • ImprovedThe app now supports 64 bit. This improves performance on newer Android devices.
  • SMART Inspector 5.2.0
  • RemovedTemporarily removed the “Inspections Due” badge from the home screen to improve performance on older phones. (Note: you will no longer be notified on the home screen if you have inspections due).
  • SMART Handover 5.2.0
  • Bug FixedEmails for variations to existing structures would sometimes not be generated for staff allowed to estimate their own works.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.1.0
July 2019

  • AddedSummary of inspection or handover – tap a picture to zoom it to full screen.
  • AddedThe longitude and latitude of scaffolds is now recorded (but not displayed) when:
    • Creating a new scaffold.
    • Preparing an inspection (when the user presses Done, so the inspection time and date is displayed); Note: This is before the inspection is signed.
    • Taking a photo of an inspection or handover defect.
    • Taking a handover photo.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.0.0
May 2019

  • AddedInspection and handover photos are shown in summary screens.
  • Bug FixedMinor fixes.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.5.1
April 2019

  • Issue FixedFix issue launching app for android version 8.0.0 and above.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.5.0
April 2019

  • AddedAndroid background sync – sync now works even when the app is moved to the background.
  • Bug FixedFixed a bug where navigating back from home screen causes app to crash.
  • SMART Handover 4.5.0
  • Bug FixedScaffold supervisor name now appears when signing the unsafe scaffold report.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.4.0
March 2019

  • UpdatedUpdate Quote and Item validation in mobile.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.3.0
February 2019

  • AddedAllow scaffolds to be dismantled without off-hiring. This can be configured on a per contract basis.
  • UpdatedReference to NASC TG4:11 updated to NASC TG4:17.
  • SMART Inspector 4.3.0
  • Issue FixedFix remedial action emails processing for customers who do not have remedial actions enabled.
  • SMART Handover 4.3.0
  • UpdatedSet Handover photo as mandatory. This can be configured on a per contract basis.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.2.0
December 2018

    SMART Inspector 4.2.0
  • Issue FixedFix last Handover date not applying UTC offset.
  • Issue FixedFix remedial actions fail to show intermittently.
  • Issue FixedFix incorrect Contract Reference generated when adding site from mobile.
  • SMART Handover 4.2.0
  • UpdatedScaffolds are no longer added to the inspection schedule when handed over if inspections are not contracted.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 4.0.0
September 2018

  • AddedDiary entries can now be created from the home screen.
  • AddedNew category field added to the diary form to allow logical grouping of diary events.
  • AddedDiary categories can be created from the device.
  • AddedCreate diary entries with audio and video.
  • AddedTranscribe audio and video entries.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.4.0
August 2018

  • AddedClear cache and data from within the app.
  • AddedSet sync preference for the app.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.3.0
July 2018

  • AddedAdded a sync notification to the home screen informing the user they have work to upload.
  • UpdatedPhotos moved to permanent storage.
  • UpdatedUpdated sync progress screen to provide more feedback, including session expiry.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.2.0
April 2018

  • AddedScaffold name location and area added to scaffold to help with identification.
  • UpdatedLogin screen look and feel refreshed.
  • RemovedDownload in progress items removed.
  • OtherMinor bug fixes.
  • SMART Inspector 3.2.0
  • AddedNavigation link from inspection to scaffold details screen.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.1.0
March 2018

  • UpdatedSites can now be added to the system quickly and easily from the mobile device.
  • UpdatedAreas can now be added to the system quickly and easily from the mobile device.
  • UpdatedPick customer contacts from the list of contacts on your device.
  • ImprovedCurrent location is used to populate a list of addresses to pick from for the site address.
  • ImprovedUse the app without the need to setup anything on the SMART Manager beforehand.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.0.4
February 2018

  • AddedForgot password.
  • UpdatedAll the app photo fields are optional if the “camera not permitted” option is checked.
  • Bug Fixedthe configuration now correctly initialises after a user force stops the app.
  • OtherMinor bug fixes.
  • SMART Inspector 3.0.4
  • AddedView the previous inspection or handover from the inspection form.
  • UpdatedInspection defect list now has groups.
  • Removed“Question” workflow removed from SMART Inspector defect workflow. You now assign a status to the defect. The questions removed are:
    • Has the defect been fixed by the inspector?
    • Is the scaffold safe or unsafe?

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.0.3
December 2017

  • UpdatedUpdated to support multitenant hosting for Lyndon Scaffolding.
  • OtherNo new features.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 3.0.0
November 2017

  • UpdatedUpdated to support multitenant hosting.
  • OtherNo new features.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 2.1.0
October 2017

  • UpdatedUpdated mobile and web authentication to use Azure AD. Overcame reply URL limitation with Azure AD B2C.
  • UpdatedUpdated sync to fix issue related to downloading assets.
  • ImprovedMajor performance improvement of first-time setup so that it now completes much quicker.
  • Bug FixedBug fixes.
  • OtherGeneral tidy up to improve the appearance of the reports.
  • SMART Inspector 2.1.0
  • AddedIncluded Lyndon’s remedial action workflow but hid from other users.
  • AddedAdded cover page with the uploaded company logo to scaffold inspection reports.
  • UpdatedUpdated footer of inspection reports to include key which covers all icons within the reports.
  • UpdatedUpdated content of inspection report to remove scaffold status as this is a handover only feature.
  • SMART Handover 2.1.0
  • AddedAdded new ‘user can estimate’ workflow to variations as requested by Lyndon’s. This allows users with the ‘estimate’ privilege to skip some of the screens.
  • AddedFiltered all scaffolds except those that are on-hire from the “Scaffolds to adapt” list. Also filtered out on-hire scaffolds from the “New Structure” list.
  • UpdatedUpdate the Variations module (which is a Lyndon’s only feature) to work with the current offering as changes to the Handover module had stopped the Variations from working.
  • UpdatedUpdated the header of handover reports to include company logo.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 2.0.0
July 2017

  • UpdatedUpdated mobile and web authentication to use Azure AD

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 1.0.2
June 2017

  • AddedAdded positive confirmation dialogue box when saving tasks for later that explains that they will be available in the “In Progress” screen to continue at a later date.
  • AddedAdding signup link to login page which redirects users to the relevant page on the SMART Scaffolder website.
  • AddedNew help panel on staff screen describing the various user roles and what they mean.
  • AddedIncluded report subscriptions in the “add customer contact” form as this was sometimes forgotten when setting up a contact resulting in reports not being sent.
  • AddedWhen creating new contracts, you can now specify if you are contracted to inspect the scaffolds and updated the user interface to indicate this (both SMART Manager and mobile apps).
  • AddedNew Handover chart for home dashboard.
  • AddedDelete in progress items.
  • AddedDelete site areas.
  • AddedOptional Inspection photo.
  • AddedQuick setup guide.
  • UpdatedUpdated the login user interface to be clearer when adding additional users.
  • UpdatedFilter the home dashboard by site.
  • UpdatedDeleted areas will be filtered from the mobile apps (see SMART Manager notes).
  • RemovedRemoved inspection fields where necessary for scaffolds that are not contracted to be inspected.
  • ImprovedImproved Handover workflow.
  • ImprovedRenamed “Site Manager” to “Scaffold Supervisor” as this was confusing.
  • Issue FixedFixed issue with login not showing dropdown list of other users that have logged in.
  • Issue FixedFixed issue with inspection photo captions appearing on next page in the report appendix.
  • Issue FixedFixed issue where scaffolds were not being updated after resuming from being paused.
  • Issue FixedFixed issue where occasionally certain users could not complete a handover.
  • OtherMinor bug fixes.

SMART Handover 1.0.0
April 2017

  • ReleasedAndroid release to Google Play.
  • ReleasedApple release to App Store.
  • Issue FixedEdit staff fixed.

SMART Inspector 1.0.1
March 2017

  • RemovedRemove Remedial Action workflow for NM Inspections for Android and Apple.
  • Issue FixedMinor fixes to Apple release.

SMART Inspector 1.0.0
March 2017

  • ReleasedAndroid release to Google Play.
  • ReleasedApple release to App Store.