SMART Manager

Setup site stock control

When you’re adding your new site, you have the option to enable stock control. This allows you to track gross tonnage in scaffolds or storage on the site. When you enable the Stock control you need to set the total tonnage for the site (the total tonnage on-site both in storage and standing scaffolds).

You’ll see as no scaffolds have stock assigned to them, yet the total tonnage and idle rack tonnage are the same. As you record tonnage into standing scaffolds the idle rack tonnage will go down.

Recording Stock tonnage in Handover App

For sites with Stock control enabled you carry out the handovers and off hires as normal, but the App will display 2 additional tonnage fields in the scaffold specification.

Maximum tonnage is the amount of material that would be required to fully erect the scaffold if it was not erected progressively. It is helpful to put this in, as it will be useful later. However, if you are not sure of this value, you can leave it as 0.0 without any significant issues later.

Maximum tonnage is only used when completing a partial handover or partial adaption – if the scaffold is 20% handed-over, the default standing tonnage is 20% of the maximum tonnage. Only the default standing is set automatically – you can change the value if required. The standing tonnage is the current tonnage in the scaffold at the point of handover it is important to set the Standing Tonnage correctly. This is used for stock control reporting. So if you’re producing multiple handovers for a progressively erected scaffold the maximum tonnage will remain the same but the Standing Tonnage will increase with each handover as materials are added to the structure.

Stock Control reports

For sites running Stock control it is possible to report on tonnage standing in scaffolds, idle tonnage on-site and allocated tonnage. You can generate the stock control report in the report section of SMART Manager.

  • Idle Tonnage – Material available on site, available for use but not currently in a standing scaffold. When this runs low, you should consider sending stock to site.
  • Allocated tonnage – Tonnage that is allocated, but not yet handed-over. The stock may still be in the rack, attached to the scaffold awaiting hand-over, attached to the scaffold awaiting dismantle, or in transit from or to the rack.