SMART Manager

Importing a site from SMART Estimator

If you are a user of the SMART Estimator software, you can export projects from your Enterprise Server and import them straight into SMART Manager.

  1. Export Project

    Firstly, In your SMART Estimator software, you can create a “Cloud Export File” by opening the file menu. On the vertical sidebar, click on the “Projects” tab. Then select a project and then click the “Create Cloud Import File” button and then click on the action button.

    You’ll immediately get prompted whether or not you wish to open the project and then export your project. Click “Yes” to continue.

  2. Save your File

    This will open a file browser dialog to allow you to save the Cloud Export File onto your computer. Choose where you wish to save the file carefully, you will need to navigate here later.

    You will see a message to confirm the export was successful.

  3. Click the “Import” button

    Once you have created your cloud export file, open SMART Manager and navigate to the Sites tab, the import function is accessed by clicking the import button in the top right of the screen.

  4. Click the “Browse” Button

    This will start the import wizard, click the browse” button and navigate to the location of your cloud export file created in the previous step.

  5. Locate your File

    Select your cloud export file and click “open”. Then Click “next”.

  6. Site Details Page

    On the first page of the Import dialog, enter the Site name, Site address, Depot and whether cameras are permitted on site. Then click “next”

    You can optionally enable the Stock Control feature for this site in SMART Manager here. For more information, click here.

  7. Customer Page

    The customer details should be prefilled, if it’s a new customer you will be prompted to save their details. Set the contract reference for the new site’s contract (please note that the contract reference cannot be altered once scaffolds have been assigned to them) complete the three tick boxes at the bottom of the window as appropriate. Once complete click “next”.

  8. Contacts Page

    Ensure the contacts imported from SMART Estimator are correct, or add as required using the add contact button in the top right of the box. Once you’re happy with the contacts for the site click “Next”.

  9. Scaffolds Page

    The next screen displays the Scaffolds being imported. Review the scaffolds to import, you can deselect scaffolds you don’t wish to import.

    Once you’re happy click the “✓ Save” button. This will close the import dialog and open the site you have just imported. Add a member of staff using the “add staff” button.

    You have now imported your project from SMART Estimator into SMART Manager.