SMART Manager

Adding a scaffold to your Site
  1. Create your Scaffold

    To add a single scaffold to a site, go to the scaffold tabs on the left menu of the site screen.

  2. Click on the Plus Button

    Next click on the Plus symbol in the top right-hand corner of the section. This will open the “Add Scaffold” dialog.

  3. Fill in the Scaffold Details

    On the first page of the “Add Scaffold” dialog you will need to enter the Scaffold name, Contract, Area, Next Inspection Date, and Hire Period, set the status of the scaffold and whether it’s affected by adverse weather. All options marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Once happy click next to proceed to the specification screen.

  4. Complete the Specifications

    Here you can enter the Scaffold type, scaffold description, assign the scaffold to a quote and item, design type, loading limit, method of tying and cladding type. Once completed click “✓ Save” to create the scaffold.

  5. Scaffold has been added

    The scaffold will now appear in the scaffold list in SMART Manager as well as in the app for any users assigned to the site. If you have set a next inspection date the scaffold will show as due for relevant users in the app.