SMART Manager

Editing a Scaffold / scaffold details screen

Scaffold details screen

You can locate the scaffold details screen by opening the Sites section on the home page, click on the site required and then the area to show the scaffolds.

Finally click on the scaffold required to view the scaffold details screen.

Click on the Edit Button

To edit a scaffold, open the scaffold details screen and select Edit.

Depending on which app you’re using you will also see options here to complete handovers, variations or off hires in the handover app or inspections in the inspection app.

Editing the Details

This will open the scaffold specifications to be edited, you can change the scaffolds Name, Area, and add a QR code.

Click done to save your changes.

Assigning a QR Code to Scaffold

To assign a QR code, click the “add QR code” field at the bottom of the edit scaffold menu, this will open the QR scanner.

Now scan the QR code you wish to assign to this scaffold.