SMART Manager

Inspections Due

Inspections Due Summary

Inspections due shows you the number of inspections due per day for the next 7 days. By clicking on a day, it will display a list of scaffolds separated by site. If you can click on a scaffold, you will be taken straight to the 7 day inspection form for that scaffold.

When completing inspections, the app will remember the order you walked the site in, and display in this order the following week to make it easier to walk the site completing inspections.

Completing an Inspection

Click on a scaffold in the inspection due list to open the Inspection screen.

On the inspection screen you add Defects, Photos and Comments to the inspection report. The status will default to No defects until you add your first defect. You can also use the quick links at the top of the screen to view the last inspection for this scaffold or jump to the scaffold details.