SMART Manager

SMART Mobile Apps 2023 Release Notes

SMART Inspector 23.1.0 beta
November 2023

  • AddedAn additional backup of the data entered into the app is now stored so that it can be recovered where needed.
  • Issue FixedAn issue has been identified where data from the device could be lost during synchronisation in a rare condition. A candidate fix has been made for beta evaluation.
  • ImprovedThe performance of the apps has been improved in the case where large media files were stored on the device before upload.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 23.0.0
August 2023

  • UpdatedA minor update has been made to the look and feel of SMART Inspector and SMART Handover.
  • UpdatedUpdated the target Android SDK version, as required by Google.
  • ImprovedDuring login and sync, you will be told if a newer version of the app is available.
  • Bug FixedFixed a bug where the QR code would be lost when creating the scaffold and the QR code at the same time without syncing in between.

SMART Handover 22.11.0
May 2023

  • Bug FixedFixed a login issue.

SMART Handover 22.10.0
April 2023

  • Bug FixedFixed a bug in variations, where a contract price is unexpectedly mandatory.
  • Bug FixedFixed a minor typo on one label in variations.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.9.0
February 2023

  • AddedA new Repair Data tool has been added. This can be used to correct some types of syncing issues. The SMART Scaffolder Support team will advise you if it would be helpful to run this tool.
  • Bug FixedWhen multiple QR codes are added during scaffold creation, all of the codes are now correctly uploaded to the server.
  • Bug FixedA tool for uploading your data from the device to the SMART Scaffolder Support team has been corrected so it can handle larger amounts of data.