SMART Manager

SMART Mobile Apps 2022 Release Notes

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 20.3.1
October 2020

  • UpdatedUpdated to Android 10 (API level 29).

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 20.2.0
September 2020

  • UpdatedThe Sync screen has been improved. A new Details button displays more detail about what data is being synced, the size of the data and success or failure.
  • ImprovedA warning is now shown if RAM (Android only) or storage (iOS and Android) are low.
  • SMART Inspector 20.2.0
  • UpdatedHandover, variation, and adaption emails for scaffolds from the same area: the attached PDF name now includes the name of the area.
  • Bug FixedInspections Due now updates immediately after an inspection. (This was previously only working after closing and opening the Inspections Due list).
  • SMART Handover 20.2.0
  • Bug FixedA rare case where a handover email for multiple scaffolds might miss some data (if the details of some scaffolds were sent late) has been fixed.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 20.1.0
June 2020

  • AddedThe Area screen now has a search box.
  • ImprovedThe first sync after launching is now much faster, especially with many sites.
  • Issue FixedSync will no longer fail if you (force) close the app and then login again.
  • SMART Inspector 20.1.0
  • UpdatedHandover certificates that previously referred to TG4:17 have been updated to TG4:19.
  • ImprovedImproved the Handover layout for very long additional details.
  • Bug FixedFixed a minor bug where additional details on handovers may not always show in the order chosen in SMART Manager’s Handover Settings.
  • SMART Handover 20.1.0
  • Issue FixedInspections Due now updates correctly immediately after an inspection.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 20.0.1
April 2020

  • UpdatedSMART Handover and SMART Inspector have been updated to the latest platforms, to give the best experience on the latest devices. This includes the latest:
    • Mac OS (v10.15)
    • Xcode (v11.0)
    • Cordova Android (v8.1.0)
    • Cordova iOS (v5.1.0)
  • UpdatedCommands sent from the apps are now versioned.
  • ImprovedThe sites and inspections pages now load faster.
  • ImprovedSignificant improvement to sync speeds by:
    • Reducing the quality of photos taken through the app.
    • Fixing a bug that meant audio files were not always cleared from the local cache after syncing.
    • Removing 14 legacy commands from the sync.
    • Preventing images from being uploaded more than once in some sequences.
  • ImprovedImproved the scalability of email processing, so emails are now processed faster even during high volumes.
  • Bug FixedFixed a rare bug where the apps could lock up while taking a picture.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 20.0.0
March 2020

  • UpdatedSMART Inspector and SMART Handover no longer request access to Bluetooth.
  • UpdatedEmail addresses are no longer accepted with commas in place of dots.
  • UpdatedA closed site, even with open contracts, will no longer send emails under any circumstances.
  • SMART Handover 20.0.0
  • AddedNew details can be added during handovers – Additional Details. You must set these up in SMART Manager before they appear in SMART Handover. Additional settings can be mandatory to fill in, or optional. They appear on the handover certificate.

SMART Handover 5.4.4
February 2020

  • Issue FixedFixes an issue that was causing a delay in a small number of handover emails.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.4.1
January 2020

  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where the loading spinner would stay for a long time on iOS 13.0 and higher.
  • Issue FixedFixed a sequence where staff could access depots they are not assigned to.
  • Bug FixedSite names that include “/n” or “/r” no longer cause occasional errors in generating emails.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 5.4.0
January 2020

  • AddedWhen creating a scaffold, editing a scaffold, performing a handover, off-hire, dismantle, variation, adaption or making a diary entry, the following new options are available:
    • The Scaffolding System can be stored.
    • The Maximum Tonnage of the scaffold (i.e., the tonnage of materials required to erect 100% of the scaffold) can be stored. This option is only available if stock tracking is active for the site.
    • The Standing Tonnage of the scaffold can be stored. This option is only available if stock tracking is active for the site.
  • AddedAn End User Licence agreement has been added, which you must agree to once in order to use the app.
  • SMART Inspector 5.4.0
  • ImprovedOpening the Sites option from the home screen is now faster.
  • ImprovedOpening the Inspections Due is now faster. The speed of opening lists from within Inspections Due has also been improved.