SMART Manager

Ending your Subscription to
SMART Manager

In the event you decide you no longer wish to continue with SMART Manager, you will need to retrieve your records prior to ending your subscription. When you cancel the subscription you will lose access to the software and your records.

  1. Open the reports page

    Login to SMART Manager, then navigate to the Reports page by pressing the button on the navigation bar:

  2. Downloading Reports for Safekeeping

    Please download any reports that you desire. Some reports may not be required if you have not been using that feature. For example, if you have never conducted an inspection through SMART Manager, you may choose to skip the inspection reports.

    These are the minimum reports that we would recommend you backup for all scaffolds:

    Feature Reports to download
    Any Scaffold Handover Status – CSV
    Individual Scaffold
    Inspections Detailed Inspection
    Unsafe Scaffold
    Handovers Handover Scaffold
    Variations or Adaptions Variation Instructions
  • My report won’t appear when I press Create Report?

    Your report is most likely hidden from view.
    When selecting a large number of scaffolds over an extended period, some of the reports may fail to appear. Try downloading the reports over a shorter period (e.g. one month at a time) or for a smaller number of scaffolds.