SMART Manager

SMART Manager 2021 Release Notes

SMART Manager 21.11.0
December 2021

  • AddedSite Diary entries can now be viewed in the activity tab.
  • UpdatedThe Site > Diary view has been updated.
    • Site Diary entries are now shown in this view.
    • A new Type column shows whether a diary entry is for a site or a scaffold.
    • A new button has been added: add site diary entry, so (site) diary entries can be created in SMART Manager for the first time.
  • ImprovedIt is now possible to log a Site Diary entry from SMART Manager.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue when importing scaffolds from CSV. CSV files with spaces added in certain fields were not importing correctly.

SMART Manager 21.8.0
September 2021

  • AddedWhen adding a scaffold and choosing an area for it, a search option is available.
  • UpdatedWhen adding a scaffold and choosing an area for it, areas are sorted alpha-numerically.
  • ImprovedAreas are now sorted alpha-numerically on the sites screen.
  • ImprovedThe areas list on the sites screen now has a scroll bar when there are many areas.
  • Bug FixedA bug stopping scaffolds from being imported from CSV files after renaming the site’s default area has been fixed.
  • Issue FixedAn issue retrieving scaffold details sent from SMART Handover has been fixed.
  • Issue FixedAn issue causing some scaffolds imported from a CSV file to be moved to the default area unexpectedly has been fixed.

SMART Manager 21.7.0
September 2021

  • AddedThe following Design Types have been added:
    • TG20:21 Scaffold.
    • TG20:21 With Design Input.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where the scaffold inspection report was excluding some contracts from the Contracts dropdown box.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where many emails could be triggered after re-opening a site.

SMART Manager 21.5.0
July 2021

  • UpdatedThe handover report now shows the quote number and item number correctly.
  • UpdatedDeleting a staff member and then restoring them now works correctly.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where multiple dimensions from handovers and variations were not appearing correctly in SMART Manager.

SMART Manager 21.4.0
July 2021

  • AddedAdded some additional backups for reports send through SMART Inspector and SMART Handover.
  • ImprovedImproved email generation performance.

SMART Manager 21.3.0
June 2021

  • Issue FixedFixed an issue where an email would fail to send if the same recipient was added twice with different capitalisation.

SMART Manager 21.2.0
June 2021

  • ImprovedOptimised the use of HTTP clients by the server.
  • Issue FixedFixed a timeout issue under heavy load.

SMART Manager 21.1.0
May 2021

  • AddedAdded some missing text to the Detailed Inspection report when the Other defect option is chosen.
  • UpdatedThe maximum staff count now correctly excludes scaffolders from the count.

SMART Manager 21.0.1 – 21.0.6
May 2021

  • Issue FixedFixed some missing data in the Detailed Inspection report.

SMART Manager 20.3.2
February 2021

  • MaintenanceNew APIs deployed for the next generation of SMART Scaffolder apps.
  • Bug FixedScaffold supervisor name was showing incorrectly on some inspection screens.