SMART Manager

Reports Summary

The report section allows you to view the timesheets and wage costs collectively, individually or cumulatively for the whole site.

To generate a report, select the Depot, Site, staff members and date range along the top of the page. Then select the type of report in the top right hand corner (collective, individual or cumulative). When ready click “create report” to generate the report.

Printing or Exporting the Report

You can print or export this report using the printer and export icons in the top right of the report page.

The collective report shows the timesheet data for the date range broken down by week and staff member.

Collective Timesheet Report

The individual report shows the timesheet including hours and output pay for a single staff member over 7 days from the date selected.

Individual Timesheet Report

The cumulative report shows you the labour breakdown in hours for the entire contract.

Cumulative Contract Report