SMART Manager

SMART Mobile Apps 2022 Release Notes

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.6.2
October 2022

  • UpdatedUpdated the target Android SDK version, as required by Google.

SMART Handover 22.6.1
August 2022

  • Bug FixedDismantled scaffolds are no longer available for handover.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.6.0
July 2022

  • Issue FixedFixed an issue that could cause data to be lost in a rare sequence following a server authentication error.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.3.0
April 2022

  • Bug FixedFixed a bug when two sites are created for the same customer on SMART Inspector or SMART Manager and then synced together. Only the first site was created. Now both are created.
  • SMART Inspector 22.3.0
  • Bug FixedFixed a bug causing the Inspections Due list to not update immediately after an inspection.
  • SMART Handover 22.3.0
  • Bug FixedUpdated the label on the contract handover photo setting to make it clear this includes both handover photos and variation risk photos.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.2.0
March 2022

  • ImprovedLogin / logout improvements:
    • Your email is now auto filled on the login screen (after your first successful sync).
    • You are now asked whether to login as the same person or as someone new after logging out.
    • On logout, your login token is erased immediately so it is not possible to login without entering the password again.
    SMART Handover 22.2.0
  • ImprovedAfter off hiring a scaffold, it is no longer necessary to sync before it can be dismantled.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.1.1
February 2022

  • Issue FixedFixed a sync issue affecting some time zones.

SMART Inspector | SMART Handover 22.1.0
February 2022

  • UpdatedThe server now takes a backup copy of all successful commands. This is in addition to the backup copy already kept for commands that failed.
  • ImprovedImproved the reliability of the data sync.
  • SMART Handover 22.1.0
  • Bug FixedYou are no longer required to enter a next inspection date for a scaffold handover or variation if inspections are disabled.
  • Bug FixedThe next inspection date for a scaffold new structure variation is no longer discarded in some cases.