SMART Manager

SMART Manager 2022 Release Notes

SMART Manager 22.5.0
June 2022

  • AddedAdded some addition logging for commands sent from the mobile apps to the server. Now commands are logged when they are sent before they are processed. They are already logged when they succeed or fail.
  • UpdatedCorrected the text boxes used when adding contacts to a contract by making them larger.
  • ImprovedImproved the detail when logging some types of exception in the backend APIs.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue causing some types of photos to be missing from the Detailed Inspection reports.

SMART Manager 22.4.0
May 2022

  • AddedA new Inspection Title Prefix setting is available in the new Inspection Settings tab. You can use this to add some text to the title of some inspection reports. This is primarily intended for Irish customers that want to mark their inspection reports as “GA3” reports.
  • AddedA new Help tab is available, giving quick links to the tutorial videos, user guides and how to contact the support team.
  • UpdatedThe application for payment report (currently in beta testing) has a large number of fixes and improvements, including:
    • A new site filter has been added.
    • The contracts filter now shows which customer and site the contract belongs to.
    • Fix: Scaffolds in the diary section now show their area correctly.
    • CSV export: column names have been corrected.
    • CSV export: multiple dimensions now display better.
    • Fix: Some scaffolds were missing from the ongoing hire section.
  • RemovedThe check list section has been removed from the Inspection Summary report. It remains in the detailed inspection report.

SMART Manager 22.3.0
April 2022

  • Bug FixedFixed a bug when two sites are created for the same customer on SMART Inspector or SMART Manager and then synced together. Only the first site was created. Now both are created.
  • UpdatedUpdated the label on the contract handover photo setting to make it clear this includes both handover photos and variation risk photos.

SMART Manager 22.1.0
February 2022

  • ImprovedThe server now takes a backup copy of all successful commands. This is in addition to the backup copy already kept for commands that failed.

SMART Manager 22.0.1
January 2022

  • Bug FixedThis midweek patch fixes a rare sync failure causing SMART Handover data loss.

SMART Manager 22.0.0
January 2022

  • AddedA new Application for Payment report is available from the Reports tab.
    • Managers and payroll officers can access the new Application for Payment report.
    • Many activities that you might want to charge your client for are listed in the new report.
    • This new report is available for beta testing.
  • UpdatedVariation instruction reports now include the appendix of photos for all staff members.
  • ImprovedMinor performance improvements.
  • Issue FixedFixed an issue causing the scaffold extra hire and off-hire date to fail to display in the site scaffolds summary in some sequences.