SMART Manager

QR Code Scanner

What is a QR Code and
Why should I use QR Codes?

The app has been built to recognise QR codes. A QR code is similar to a barcode, but for mobile devices.

It allows you to incorporate unique QR codes on your scaffold tags. You can either purchase rolls of QR labels cheaply or have the QR codes printed on your scaffold tags by the manufacturer.

Assigning QR Codes to Scaffolds
within SMART Inspector

These can then be scanned into the software and assigned to the corresponding scaffold.

Once the QR code has been linked to the scaffold in the scaffold details screen, you can use the home screen scanner to scan it and it will open the scaffold details screen for the scaffold allowing you to handover, off hire, complete a variation or inspect the scaffold depending which App you’re using.

SMART Manager compatibility

You can add a QR code when adding your scaffold via the mobile apps, or if the scaffold has been added in SMART Manager you can follow the steps below.

Assigning a QR Code to an Existing Scaffold

Beginning the Assignment Process

To assign a new or additional QR code to a Scaffold, you need to open the scaffold details screen.

Select Edit from the Scaffold Details screen.

Scaffold details screen

This will open the scaffold specifications to be edited.

Click on me, to find out more.

Click on the Add QR code button

To assign a QR code, click the “add QR code” field at the bottom of the edit scaffold menu, this will open the QR code list, click the add button.

Scanning the QR code

This will open the camera so you can scan the QR code you wish to assign to this scaffold.

Scaffold has now been Assigned

Once recognised you will see the code has been assigned successfully, click done.

You can now assign an additional code if required by clicking “add” or exit the code setup by clicking “done” again.