Exporting and Printing a Risk Assessment

Using the Print Preview button, you can view the preview view.

During the process of viewing the preview of the risk assessment, a new toolbar appears. You can view, print, export or email the risk assessment using this toolbar.

An overview of the toolbar’s tools can be found below.

Feature Description
Print Preview Press this to close the print preview and return to editing.
Print Prints the report, providing options to select the required printer and paper options.
Quick Print Prints the report to the default printer.
Navigation Provides options to go back and forth from page to page within the report in order to navigate through it.
Zoom This function allows you to zoom the report to view it in greater detail or to view multiple pages at the same time.
Page Colour Allows you to specify the background colour to use while printing, for example if your company uses a coloured background on its stationery.
Export to Allows you to export the report to an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word document.
Email as Send an email with an attachment containing the drawings or material list in an Adobe PDF or a Microsoft Word Document.

If you wish to close the preview and return, simply click on the Print Preview button again.