SMART Compliance


Licensing and Internet Connection Problems?

If the software reports that an internet connection is unavailable, but you are able to access the internet through your browser, then a firewall program may be blocking access. Firewalls are often included with anti-virus software, such as Norton and McAfee, and aim to protect you by preventing the software from communicating over the internet without your permission.

If you have an IT network administrator, please ask them for assistance.

If you do not have an IT administrator, please consult the help guidance of your anti-virus software to allow access to the SMART Compliance. The exact method depends on which version of the anti-virus or firewall software you are using, but some typical instructions are:

Anti-virus software Help link
AVG allow application in avg firewall
McAfee Allow full access for a program
Norton Allow Internet access for a blocked program

Usually you need to simply select SMART Compliance from the list of blocked programs, but if you need to enter the location of the software, please use the following (unless you have installed the software in a custom location):

C:\Program Files\CADS\SMART Compliance

If you wish, you can try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software and restarting the SMART Compliance software to see whether adding a firewall exception will resolve the problem.

I have an issue that’s not on this List?

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