SMART Compliance

Summary of the Module

The Tied tower scaffolding module is intended to perform certain design calculations for tied tower façade access scaffolds of tube and fitting construction located in the UK or Ireland. The calculation reports show the results in a transparent manner complemented by additional drawings that can be used with or without accompanying TG20:21 compliance sheets. The following sections provide details of the user inputs required, and also explain the outputs provided by the software.

Display Panel Options
Input Panel Options

The input panel options are similar to that of Tied independent scaffolding module, except for the changes below:


  • Tower length – The maximum length of the scaffold elevation in bays. This is limited to one or two bays in accordance with section 15.1 of the TG20:21 Operational Guide.
  • Alternate lifts boarded – Specifies whether the scaffold is boarded at alternate lifts, from the top lift downward. Otherwise, the number of boarded lifts may be entered as for the Tied independent scaffold module.
  • Number of lifts – The total number of scaffold lifts, whether boarded or unboarded.


The entry of add-ons is as for the Tied independent scaffolding module, except that the inputs related to bridges are not available.

Analysis approach