SMART Compliance

SMART Compliance Summary

SMART Compliance is a collection of design tools for scaffold designers and temporary works engineers, comprising a Tied independent scaffolding module and a TG20:21 wind factor module.

The program organises the input data and output results in such a way that the user is led to consider all the relevant parameters in a logical and complete manner. The calculations, which are complicated and prone to error when carried out by hand, are completed accurately in moments by the program, allowing the user to consider alternative parameters and arrangements with ease and confidence.

After finishing the calculations, a brief message at the top of the window is shown to indicate completion and results status. A summary of results is displayed by default in the Calculation Report pages. More detailed results may be viewed by selecting the Calculations or Detailed options for the Calculation Reports.

Tied independent scaffolding module

The Tied independent scaffolding module is intended for the calculation of tube and fitting independent scaffolds, in accordance with TG20:21, tied to a structure located in the UK or Ireland. The calculation reports show the results in a transparent manner complemented by additional drawings that can be used with or without accompanying TG20:21 compliance sheets. Compared to the TG20:21 eGuide, which gives conservative results in exchange for simplicity, SMART Compliance extends the calculation from the eGuide and provides more efficient results.

The software also allows the user to calculate some scaffolds outside of the scope of TG20:21. For this version of the software, this is principally scaffolding with non-TG20 compliant bridges, which can be checked against the technical specifications for beams supplied by the principal manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

The calculations and checks performed by the software are:

  • Automatic wind calculation;
  • Calculates the maximum support reactions for foundation design;
  • Calculates the leg loads, i.e. the maximum axial forces in the standards;
  • Calculates the tie duty;
  • Checks the adequacy of a bridge;
  • Checks if the scaffold is TG20:21 compliant.

The software is intended for use by:

  • Scaffolding designers, who may be independent consultants or directly employed by a scaffolding or building contractor;
  • Temporary works engineers, checking the work of their scaffolding sub-contractors or producing their own calculations (for example, to determine the site wind exposure or calculate scaffolding foundations).

In principle, the software is designed to be used by any competent person with an understanding of TG20:21, as it avoids complex engineering inputs. However, any calculations so produced should be checked by a suitably qualified engineer.

The following features are not supported by the current version of the software:

  • TG20 compliant hop-up brackets and inner or outer cantilever working platforms;
  • Pavement lifts;
  • Double standards other than for bridge supports;
  • Non-ledger braced scaffolds with TG20 compliant prefabricated structural transoms are not directly supported;
  • Structural design check calculations for individual members of a scaffold other than bridge beams.
Tied tower scaffolding module

The Tied tower scaffolding module is essentially the same as a Tied Independent Scaffold limited to one or two bays along the length of the elevation. All the checks performed for a Tied tower scaffold are as for a Tied independent scaffold, except that a bridge cannot be added due to the limited length of the tied tower scaffold.

TG20:21 wind factor module

The TG20:21 wind factor module is an enhanced version of the wind map from the TG20:21 eGuide that generates a calculation report including justification and explanations for the wind calculation. The software produces the refined wind factor calculation based on the CADS VelVenti software and is compliant also to BS 5975:2019.

Calculations and checks performed by the software:

  • Calculates the TG20:21 wind factor;
  • Calculates the equivalent peak velocity pressure.

The software is intended for use by:

  • Scaffold designers who need to produce a wind calculation for their bespoke scaffold designs;
  • Temporary works engineers who require detailed TG20:21 wind factor calculations;
  • Designers and engineers can use the calculation to accompany the independent scaffold calculation reports to justify the wind factor.

Current limitations:

  • The TG20:21 wind factor module is not directly linked to the Tied independent scaffolding module. In cases where a wind factor report is required along with a Tied independent scaffolding calculation, the site location must be selected again by the user in the Tied independent scaffolding module.
  • The calculation is limited to scaffolds up to 50 m in height, with a design life of up to 2 years.