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Scaffolding drawings, material lists, quotes and much more

SMART Scaffolder is the industry’s leading professional software solution benefiting owners, estimators, contracts managers and designers.
Any sized company can use SMART Scaffolder with tube and fitting as well as most popular scaffolding systems.

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Sky Scaffolding
"SMART Estimator has given us the ability to estimate much more work, with greater confidence, and in a fraction of the time we used to take. In addition, the ability to quickly produce 3D models has been a major draw for some of our clients, and has helped to identify any errors or exclusions from our estimates early-on."…read more
Luke Davies (Technical Director)
Amphibian Logo
"Having benefited from SMART Estimator for years we were keen to see what SMART Inspector and SMART Handovers could do for us. Both have been great and the new ability to record all variation requests with photos and a digital signature means we always invoice the full amount due."…read more
Shane Watson (Director)
Mid Sussex Scaffolding
“We have found the SMART Handover app very useful and a good way of saving time and paperwork. Our clients have been impressed with the professional appearance of the handover certificates and found it clear and easy to understand. The other thing that has impressed me is the way you can record the condition of the materials; especially ladders, ropes and wheels etc. I would strongly recommend this app to any scaffold company that does a lot of site work in particular as you can add lifts as you work progressively.”…read more
Tony Berry, Director
SMART Inspector is easy to use and saves lots of time. We used to take our paper based inspections back to the office to enter them onto a PC to produce pdf reports for our customers.…read more
Karl Taylor, Contracts Manager
DaMar Scaffolding
"DaMar Scaffolding Ltd have been using the SMART Inspector desktop/mobile app since its trial days and it is getting better with every update. Support does great in listening to its customers' input. Very good for paperless audits."…read more
Dave Shephard, Director
"The SMART Scaffolder 2017 software loaded onto my laptop a real treat, and it only took a couple of clicks, I was so impressed. Using your YouTube video tutorials is a great help to get the best out of the SMART Scaffolder software. I have been reading all the clauses in the quotations for starters, they have really moved on, lots of information which we never used when I was pricing work, it makes the old way of doing things positively medieval and now, more importantly, more cost effective. What an asset for any Scaffolding company."…read more
Bryan Lewis, Scaffold Consultant
Ducker & Young Logo
"SMART Scaffolder has made us more efficient, more cost effective, our quotes are presented better than they were originally and our customers have a level of assurance that we are using the latest technology."…read more
Jonathan Greer, Contracts Director
R.O.M. Scaffolding
"The recent purchase of SMART Scaffolder has contributed to our company winning major contracts within our local area. We can produce a full quote alongside drawings, a 3D model and a TG20 report within a couple of hours of receiving the tender documents. If I incorporate BIM into this it can be even faster using the PDF drawings. I believe it puts you one step ahead of the competition."…read more
Steve Letcher

SMART Estimator 2021 is out now

SMART Estimator 2021 contains a whole host of new features, click the button to find out about them.

What’s new in SMART Estimator

Chimney stacks

Help centre

Have a look at our online resources for manuals and FAQs. Customers with SMARTcover, our maintenance package, can also give us a call with those trickier questions.

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