Download SMART Compliance 2024

Download Smart Compliance 2024

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SMART Compliance is the software used during the development of NASC TG20:21. It has been significantly updated for version 2024 with these enhancements:

  • An option has been provided to overlay the wind velocity contours over the map in the TG20:21 Wind Factor app. The overlay displayed corresponds to Figure 4.1 of the TG20:21 Design Guide, which displays the basic wind speed (m/s) before the altitude, orography and exposure coefficients are applied to calculate the site wind factor.
  • An option has been provided to define the design life greater than 2 years, so that a probability factor of 1.0 can be used in the wind load calculation.
  • An option has been provided to define the scaffold base level, to allow the vertical distance between the ground level and the base of the scaffold to be defined when the scaffold is standing on a building or another structure.
  • An option to stack up to 3 bridge beam assemblies has been provided if a single beam assembly is not adequate.
  • An option to define the over-sail length of bridge beams has been provided.
  • Double clicking and opening a saved job through Windows Explorer was not working in some instances. This has now been fixed.
  • The option to allow the top lift of clad scaffolding to be untied was not working. This has now been fixed.
  • The Install updates option now allows the software to be updated from within SMART Compliance, rather than from the SMART Scaffolder website.
  • The Help option now opens the SMART Scaffolder Help Centre.

Read the full release notes for further information about these updates.