How to:
Run the SMART Inspector or SMART Handover repair data tool

If SMART Scaffolder support have asked you to run the Repair Data tool in SMART Inspector or SMART Handover, you can use the steps below to run the tool.

How to open developer tools

STEP 1 – Open the Settings menu
Launch SMART Inspector or SMART Handover and login with your email and password.
On the Home screen, press the menu button in the top right.
It looks like three horizontal lines (a “hamburger.” button).
Choose Settings.

STEP 2 – Double tap the Settings page title bar
Double tap where it says “Settings” at the top of the menu.

STEP 3 – Tap the Settings page title bar seven more times
A countdown at the bottom of the screen will tell you when seven taps have been registered.
Once seven taps are done, a new section has appears at the bottom of the menu, called Developer Tools.

STEP 4 – Tap Repair Data
In the Developer Tools section, tap the Repair Data button.

STEP 5 – Tap OK
After a moment, this message should be displayed:
“Some commands have been added to the sync list. Please sync your data to the server to complete the repair.”

STEP 6 – Sync.
You should now be on the sync screen.
Tap Start and wait for the sync to complete.To be absolutely sure that all changes are synchronised up to the server and down to the device, syncing a second time is recommended.