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C.A.S.E. (Computer Assisted Scaffolding Estimating) assists Scaffolders with estimates and generating quotations. The software provides valuable tools which allow scaffolding estimators to quickly and efficiently prepare quotations with a minimum of numerical input or typing whilst being confident that the labour and materials calculated are accurate. Originally developed and marketed by Gary Day Associates, C.A.S.E. is now owned and supported by CADS (Computer and Design Services Ltd), who continue  provide expert support to users. The latest release is C.A.S.E. 2015, the first release from CADS and following months of customer consultation and development. Learn More


caseC.A.S.E. Features

  • Accurate and consistent scaffold pricing
  • Professional looking detailed quotations on
    existing letterhead
  • Labour and hire prices assessed according to the
    user’s preference
  • Automatic and comprehensive loading lists of
    required materials
  • Prints drawings of estimated scaffold items; plans
    and elevations
  • Management summary report to assist with
    price negotiations
  • Option to use TG20:13 as the technical standard for tube and fitting independent scaffolding.
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