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At SMART Scaffolder we are constantly adding new features, making enhancements that our customers have requested and ensuring our software runs on the latest computers. Here are just some highlights from the 3 releases so far this year:

Enhanced import of satellite photos

BIM Toolbox has been enhanced to improve the quality of the satellite photos that you can import, this is especially useful for larger sites. The satellite import function now centres on the site more accurately. You can also edit the image within SMART Estimator so you can annotate it with text and drawings, for example to add directions.

Import a satellite image to add your scaffold

Faster input of scaffolds via Schedule IT

Now you can input your scaffold in seconds using Schedule IT to produce an estimate, create a professional quote, generate drawings and automatically update your load list. There’s no need to model your structure as you can take a tender schedule and simply key in the dimensions.

  • More control over lift heights
  • Specify which lifts are boarded using the improved width column
  • Schedule which lifts have hop-ups
  • Set out gable ends
  • Improved naming of independents for convenience and speed
  • Edge protection guardrail scaffolds can now be longer
Schedule options

Schedule add-ons including:

Banner, safety lamps, gin wheel, rubbish chute, high-visibility standards, double standards, sheeting, debris netting, brick guards, cantilever fans, bridges and ladder positions.

Schedule with add-ons

Price IT now includes:

  • A new printable report, Project Pricing

  • The costs breakdown pie chart report of can now be printed seperately

  • The item breakdown report now includes the customer and site address

  • Day work can now be set in Price IT and shown on your quotes

Schedule reports 2

Draw IT 2018 (now free!!)

It is our pleasure to offer SMART Scaffolder Draw IT 2018, available free-of-charge from the SMART Scaffolder website.

This bolt on for Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 provides blocks, guides and tools for editing scaffold drawings using AutoCAD. It works best when combined with the Draw IT link module, which creates AutoCAD files from your SMART Scaffolder scaffold drawings.

Draw IT 2018

Performance and workflow

  • Schedule IT and BIM Toolbox are now placed before Model IT, to improve the flow through the tabs

  • Copying items in the project browser now creates the new copy at the end of the list

  • First time launch speed improved

  • The database containing SMART Scaffolder Enterprise no longer requires Microsoft SQL Server, meaning:

    • Download and install is faster and simpler

    • Backing up, restoring, locating and accessing data is even easier

Quote IT

Clearer quotes with improved scaffold dimensions and guardrail / lift height / loading descriptions and prices can be shown in words instead of (or as well as) numbers.

Manual chimney stacks and temporary roofs can now be added to the schedule, quote and price but are not modelled or included in the drawings.

More options for inside guardrails

There are now more options for inside guardrails as these no longer have to match the outer guardrails, and can also vary by lift. For example, it is now possible to set single guardrails on the inner face and doubles on the outside.

Add guardrails to your scaffold

Maintained customers

Maintained customers will receive their update disk shortly but if you can’t wait then please contact us to request your disk now.

Non-maintained customers

If you would like all the benefits of CADScover including regular updates to our software, then please contact us.

Find out more about all the new features in the SMART Scaffolder 2018 release notes.

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