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Risk Assessments and Method Statements
From SMART Scaffolder and Safety and Access Ltd
Now available as a standalone application or to add to your existing SMART Estimator modules

Important information relating to the Covid-19 pandemic

This is an incredibly challenging time for all in the construction industry, with safety never playing such an important role. With that in mind the NASC published the Guidance for Scaffolding Operations During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Issue 1 on the 20th April 2020*. The primary objective of this guidance is to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of the workforce and has been produced to assist the scaffolding industry in complying with the current safety guidelines.

We have worked hard to implement this guidance into SMART RAMS as quickly as possible and are pleased to announce that this risk assessment has been developed as a module that can be downloaded and added to you SMART RAMS installation completely free of charge. Just visit this page to download the risk assessment now.

Download the Covid-19 risk assessment (Issue 2)

We would like to wish all our customers well in these difficult times.

Stay Safe

*This guidance was updated on the 29th April to Toolbox Talk Scaffolding operations during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Issue 2 – 29 April 2020

*This guidance was updated on the 8th July to Guidance for Scaffolding Operations During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Issue 3 – 8 July 2020

Going forward we will continue to update the guidance here and on the download page as it is released.


New for 2020 we have added our latest module, RAMS. The new module allows SMART Estimator users to quickly and easily create risk assessments and method statements using a built-in content library developed in collaboration with experts Safety and Access Ltd.


With the ability to add and configure risks, methods and document presentation styles users will be able to add their own touches to suite their company branding. The new RAMS module allows you to bring a simple consistency to the process of producing Risk assessments and Method statements. Securely saving all the RAMS in a built-in library allows for easy management of these important records, past and present.

UK law requires that employers undertake a Risk assessment to identify the risks involved in a job and decide on the necessary precautions to ensure the activities are properly planned and carried out safely.

It is vital that these documents are comprehensive, brief and clear to quickly and effectively communicate the risks and precautions required to all concerned, especially those carrying out the work!

The latest addition to the SMART Scaffolder family – SMART RAMS helps any scaffolder to prepare full RAMS quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.

  • Pick the risks to include: You will be asked a series of Yes / No questions. You will only be asked about groups of risks that you have selected.
  • Review, edit save and publish Risk Assessments as PDF files
All hazards can be customised and you can add your own content
Create your own templates
  • Choose the style of your method statement document – Headers and Footers and any introductory text that is to be always included.
  • Configure hazards – Choose the hazards and risks, how they are grouped and the questions you are asked when making a risk assessment
  • Configure safe system of work – Choose the sections of the method statement, how they are grouped and text that appears in the method statement when a section is included.

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