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Our SMART Handover app means that you can always track your scaffolds from the time the digital handover form is signed until they are decommissioned. With photos and signatures captured digitally you’ll have the proof you need so you never miss charging for any extra hire or variations.

Record handovers with no paperwork

Record your handovers on your Apple/Android mobile phone or tablet and automatically upload the certificate to the cloud. Handover certificates can be instantly sent to your customers without the need for paperwork or rekeying. You can also record partial handovers and decommissions for progressive builds. Should you be asked to modify a scaffold, for example to remove internal guardrails, or it is not physically possible to comply with the Work at Height Regulations, for example the building makes keeping the minimum head height impossible, then you can capture a photo and the client’s signature during the handover.

Scaffold handover app
Handover certificate


Variations can be recorded in the same way as handovers and the desktop console allows you to ensure all variations have been invoiced, so you never miss a potential payment! You can set up a site with a schedule of rates, give permission for the team leader to set the price or you can gather the spec and send it to an estimator.

Scaffolding details

Track progress

You can track live work by site or contract with clear management reports available to show the erection progress. The diary functionality allows you to record photos, videos or text against a scaffold. This can provide vital evidence during a dispute, for example if access was not possible due to other trades. The diary function can even transcribe speech into text.

Scaffold build progress

Desktop console

The desktop console gives you the option to set up new customers and sites via your computer, making it quick and easy to add new projects. You can see at a glance what scaffolds are on hire, what variations have been requested and what scaffolds are in extra hire. There are a range of reports that you can run and download to make sure all work is billed for. You can see your activity across the company and then filter that by site, date, user and the type of activity. Then just click on the activity to get the full details. If you have SMART Estimator you also have the option to import customer and site addresses as well as scaffold details so there’s no need to rekey them.

Extra hire graph
Activity report

Automated reports

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Free trials are available for the Inspection and Handover apps in the UK and Ireland

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