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Scaffold tubes

The Schedule IT module is a fast, keyboard based tool for creating projects in the shortest possible time. Even large, complicated projects can be rapidly scheduled and used to create quotations, pricing, 3D images, material lists and drawings when combined with other modules. Using the scheduling report, there’s no need to model every scaffold in 3D and you can print out a summary of all the scaffolding in the project.

  • Keyboard based so 3D modelling is not required
  • Shortcut keys allow complicated and simple scaffolds to be rapidly added to the project
  • Copy and paste scaffolds
  • A report, listing the scaffolding in the project, can be printed or exported to PDF, Word or Excel
Schedule of a tank and birdcage

Rapid entry of project data

SMART Estimator will help you to quote jobs faster and more accurately than before! Scaffolds can be copied and pasted so users gain a competitive advantage by pricing jobs sooner than their rivals. When used with the Quote IT and Estimate IT modules you can automatically produce a professional looking quotation from the built-in rates for labour and materials.

Schedule of a scaffold with a model

Output reports and more

You can export or print a report of the scaffolding in the project to PDF, Word or Excel. Scheduling can be used to create quotations using the Quoting module, pricing using the Estimating module, 3D images using the Modelling module and Material Lists and Drawings using the respective modules.

Screen shot of an export

Simple user interface

Schedule IT has an intuitive user interface which means that scaffolds can be entered quickly with minimum effort. Shortcut keys allow you to quickly define the most complex scaffolding project or the simplest scaffolding job. It’s so fast you can even work out a price whilst the customer is still on the telephone! New users quickly learn how to use SMART Estimator straight ‘out-of-the-box’. You can also customise the schedule to give you job information exactly how you want it.

Loads of options

There is no limit to the job size or the number of scaffold items. Sheeting, netting, hop up brackets, bridges, rubbish chutes and other additional items can all be included by selecting from on screen menus.


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List of scaffold options
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