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A professional quote can be quickly generated to help win business. This includes an introductory letter complete with the customer’s name and address. Quotes can be easily customised to automatically include user defined terms and changed to look the way you want them to.

  • Professional looking and accurate quotations to improve your company image and help win business
  • Customer and site address books save time
  • Automatically take information directly from SMART Estimator and use it in your documents
  • Create your own templates with the easy-to-use template editor and spellcheck
  • Include your company branding and logo
  • Utilise terms and conditions ‘out of the box’
  • SMARTTEXT feature intelligently applies pre-defined T&C’s based on your rules
A scaffolding quote with technical drawings

Faster, more accurate quotations

Detailed item descriptions are generated automatically or a ‘summary quote’ format can be used to minimise the number of pages. Sheeting, brick guards, netting, hop-up brackets, bridges, rubbish chutes, cantilever fans and other additional items can all be included in the quotation. Terms and conditions are included out-of-the box. A SMARTTEXT feature can intelligently apply them to all quotes. They can also be changed to suit the job. Clauses, item and load descriptions and scaffold widths can all be predefined and applied using SMARTTEXT. Quotations can also be emailed to customers as an attachment in Microsoft Word or as PDF files.

Customer address book

Versatile functionality

SMART Estimator includes a built-in word processor, which allows you to edit your quotations, check spellings and insert images, including photos, drawings and 3D images from the Model IT module. The quotation is a true dynamic document. Updates to pricing and materials within other modules will automatically update your quotation, keeping it accurate and current.

Word processing tool
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