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Model of a church with scaffolding

SMART Estimator features a powerful yet easy to use 3D modelling module for scaffolding structures in tube & fitting and many system scaffolding brands. SMART Estimator is the fastest way to create 3D visuals of your scaffolds.

  • Realistic 3D models of scaffolding structures in just a few minutes
  • Model any building shape, including splayed corners, sloping ground and even complicated birdcage scaffolds
  • Instantly estimates quantities of scaffolding, boards, sheeting, etc.
  • Intuitive ‘drag and drop’ controls make it easy to learn and quick to use
  • Create picture files to paste into documents or to email to clients
Scaffold model

Setting-out system scaffolding

SMART Estimator Model IT provides some great tools for setting-out system scaffolding, with colour-coded blocks used to show which bay lengths are used to build the scaffold. You can save the model as an image or paste it into a document (including a quotation). Use it in conjunction with technical drawings when setting-out the scaffold on site. You can model multiple and complex scaffolds on one project view. To change a design just rename, rotate, drag and delete scaffolds. You can also change the building style for some or all of your scaffolds.

System scaffold model

Fast Accurate Scaffolding Models

SMART Estimator Model IT’s intuitive modern user interface means your scaffold details can be entered more quickly than ever before. Simply stretch to suit the building shape and height with ladders and adequate bracing to comply with guidance such as TG20 inserted automatically.

Models of a church and a wall

Additional Items

Brick guards, sheeting, hop-up brackets, cantilever fans, rubbish chutes, netting and other additional items can all be included simply by ‘dragging and dropping’ onto the model from the illustrated menu bar.

Scaffold model with netting and safety lamps

Essential Requirements

Sloping ground, bridges, ladder towers, buttresses, loading bays, stair towers, gable ends and hop-ups can be easily added.

Scaffold with a stairs tower

Quantities: Areas and Weights

SMART Estimator Model IT will also calculate overall quantities of tubes and boards automatically, helping you to plan and price your scaffolding projects.

One independent scaffold

Uses for 3D Scaffold Models

Quotations, reports and method statements can be greatly enriched by the inclusion of colour illustrations of scaffolding schemes. Let your clients see your scaffolds before they go up!


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Scaffold model included in a quote
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