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The Estimating module provides reports to help you understand the job costs (labour, materials, overheads and other costs) as well as profit margins. This can help to improve the outcome of contract negotiations. Rates for labour and materials can be configured and saved to suit each customer and several rates can be set up to suit different types of job.

  • User configurable rates for labour and materials for all scaffolding types
  • Many pricing methods are provided to suit your company or the type of job
  • Automatically uses the material list for your scaffold to help you calculate a price
  • Create sets of rates that can be saved and used with future jobs, or exported and sent by email
  • Check rates provided to assist in pricing negotiation
Project cost breakdown

Rates and pricing methods

Labour and material rates, along with associated overheads and margins, can be configured according to preferred options. Labour pricing can also be based upon monetary cost or labour rates and hourly labour costs. Material rental costs are calculated from the material quantities, as a percentage of the labour cost or as an ‘all-in’ rate without a separate rental cost.

Full cost breakdown

Negotiate better prices

Bidding for scaffolding work has never been easier or more effective because SMART Estimator can produce a ‘Detailed Cost Analysis’. This useful confidential report provides a detailed breakdown of labour, materials and overheads to help you better understand job costs and profit margins and hence improve the outcome of contract negotiations. Check rates are also provided to ensure the job isn’t won for the wrong reason, e.g. under-priced.

Bespoke costs
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