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Scaffolder on site

Scaffolding inspectors are increasingly demanding that site operatives have adequate information about the job they are erecting. Drawings and material lists provide a helpful guide to the site team, increasing their efficiency and profitability. Technical drawings of complicated scaffolds can be printed or exported electronically to PDF and Word (RTF).

Drawings are valuable to scaffolders and clients alike. Inspectors increasingly demand that scaffolders are provided with drawings which, along with material lists, provide essential guidance for safe and efficient working. Drawings can also be used to assist with day to day job planning on larger, long term contracts. When paired with the Schedule IT or Model IT modules the Report IT module can instantly produce an on-screen schematic drawing for each item of scaffolding.

Technical drawing of scaffold

Drawings provide a valuable real-time check for the user that the intended scaffolding has been entered into the software correctly. Drawings can be printed in A4 or A3 sizes or emailed as attachments. Models with ‘split’ elevations are automatically combined into single elevation drawings. This allows for realistic elevations, with changes in height, steps and slopes in the ground level, several bridges, and several gable ends. Models with multiple scaffolds of the same or different types can be shown on the same plan drawing, allowing you to produce drawings for complicated structures, or to plan the layout for a large site.

Technical drawing

Export features

An additional module allows you to convert your drawings into DXF files

  • Export DXF files to automatically create design drawings in AutoCAD
  • Reduce design time and engineering fees
  • Provide better information to site faster and cheaper
Export to Autodesk

Material Lists

Material lists are a valuable tool on larger, long-term contracts where they can be used to assist with day to day planning or even as a shopping list for buying or hiring equipment. Report IT automatically produces a fully itemised material list of all the required scaffolding components (tubes, boards, fittings, ladders and any additional items). Lists include the weights of materials which can be used to plan and price transportation. Material lists can be printed for selected lifts, heights or elevations which is useful where materials are supplied progressively. Alternatively, they can be emailed as attachments. Components can be renamed and you can change the product codes and weights. You can also export the material list to Microsoft Excel to manage your stock.

Material list
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