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BIM import

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, the design technology that is sweeping the construction industry by storm! Exploit the increased productivity and improved communication benefits of 3D BIM modelling now; with this powerful fully integrated module for SMART Estimator!

  • Import 2D site and building plans so you can trace over it for an accurate scaffold
  • Quickly position scaffolds over site layouts and existing buildings
  • Go from 2D plan to 3D model
  • Export to Autodesk Revit for 3D modelling and sharing
  • Export to SCIA Engineer for structural analysis and design
Scaffolding traced onto a site plan

2D import

  • The fastest way to convert 2D CAD drawings and site surveys into accurate, realistic 3D Scaffolding models!
  • Speeds up estimating and design by allowing you to import and trace over CAD files provided by your customers!
  • Import a 2D site layout or building plan from AutoCAD DWG, DXF or PDF file formats
  • Enhance scaffolding presentations by using the imported site plan as the background in 3D scaffolding models
  • Clean up and scale the customer’s drawing to simplify the tracing process and speed up scaffold modelling
BIM import

3D export for BIM

  • Automatically create a 3D IFC file which can be used by design engineers, contractors and most other customers
  • IFC (Industry Foundation Class) is the international industry standard file format for sharing construction information
  • BIM enables scaffolding models to be integrated with 3D CAD models of houses, buildings and industrial plant
  • IFC files can be imported and understood by:
    • BIM modelling platforms such as Autodesk ‘Revit’
    • Structural design software such as ‘SCIA Engineer’
    • Clash detection tools such as Autodesk ‘Navisworks’
Drawing in AutoCAD
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