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Scaffolder with a tube

Scaffold estimating software

SMART Scaffolder allows you to easily set out your scaffold in order to create a professional quote, analyse your costs and create an accurate materials list.

Create your scaffold

First you need to enter the building’s dimensions and there are three simple ways to do this.

  1. Simple ‘Drag and Drop’ to model any building shape, including splayed corners, sloping ground and even complicated birdcages. Not only is this easy to learn but realistic 3D visuals of your scaffolds can be included in your quotes so your customers can see the scaffold before you erect it.
  2. Alternatively, you can rapidly create your scaffolds using keyboard entry, including the ability to copy and paste scaffolds from previous items.
  3. You can also import site and building plans from a pdf file and quickly trace over it to create an accurate scaffold model.
Scaffold model

Create your quote

Once you have created your scaffold our software automatically creates a professional quote and covering letter.

  • Professional looking and accurate quotations to improve your company image and help win business
  • Customer and site address books save time
  • Automatically take information directly from SMART Scaffolder and re-use it in your documents
  • Create your own templates with the easy-to-use template editor and spellcheck
  • Include your company branding and logo to improve your image
  • Intelligently applies pre-defined T’s & C’s based on your rules
Full quote

Check your costs

You can also analyse your costs to ensure the price you quote is competitive but also provides a known profit! You can configure labour rates, transport costs and material prices to suit your company so you can be certain of your costs and confident about your profit margins.

Project cost breakdown

Generate a materials list

SMART Scaffolder automatically produces a fully itemised materials list of all the required scaffolding components (tubes, boards, fittings, ladders and any additional items). Lists include the weights of materials which can be used to plan and price transportation. Material lists can be printed for selected lifts, heights or elevations which is useful where materials are supplied progressively.

Material list

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