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Smart Scaffolder software

Visualise and estimate your scaffolds in minutes

More and more often tenders are sent out on DVDs, emailed or sent via Dropbox. Often these digital site plans are then printed out and laboriously measured in order to be able to provide a quote. SMART Scaffolders makes providing a professional looking quote so much quicker and easier.


  • Import a pdf or CAD file into SMART Scaffolder
  • Set the scale by tracing a known length
  • Trace round the building with your cursor
  • That’s it – you can now add gables, loading bays, bridges, rubbish chutes, etc. to your model

Once you are happy with your model SMART Scaffolder can automatically produce:

  • Precise quotes – create professional looking quotations
  • Automated drawings – save on engineer’s fees
  • Accurate estimates – your costs broken down so you know your profit margin
  • Accurate load lists – no more return trips to the yard
  • 3D visuals – allow your clients to see your scaffolds before they go up
  • Automatic TG20:13 compliance – satisfy your clients when scaffolds do not require an engineer’s design

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