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SMART Scaffolder 2016.2 is released

SMART Scaffolder 2016.2 has been released with several new features including :

Advanced Guard Rails

Plettac Metrix advanced guard rails are now used by default. These frames replace the guard
rails and façade bracing. Most sizes also replace the ledgers and some include an integrated toe

Advanced guard rail

Check IT TG20:13 Improvements

It is now even clearer that scaffolds that comply with TG20:13 do not require a design

By changing the name of the leg load column, we were able to make it even clearer that the
scaffold is TG20:13 compliant. A footnote about the wind contribution is no longer shown.

A new warning exclamation makes it even clearer when a scaffold does not comply with TG20:13
and may require a design.

Tube and Fitting loading bays now include a foot lift by default.

When a Tube and Fitting loading bay is created, it now always includes a foot lift, even when
attached to an independent that does not have a foot lift.


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