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SMART Inspector Diary Feature

Did you know that the SMART Handover and SMART Inspector apps have a handy scaffold diary feature included?

Have you ever turned up on site to dismantle a scaffold only to find it is still loaded with the customers materials? Or have you arrived to erect a scaffold only to find the entrance to the site is blocked? Then why not record this on the app.

The diary can be used to record any notes and photos against a scaffold, log progress as the scaffold is being erected or dismantled or gather vital evidence in the event of a customer dispute. The list is endless! Why not try it now and log your first diary event on the SMART Handover or SMART Inspector apps.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

Step 1 SMARTScaff

Tap the diary button

Simply tap the diary button found in the main scaffold details screen

Step 2 SMARTScaff

Fill out the diary form

All fields are optional but you must complete at least one. Once you’re happy tap “Done” and that’s it!

Step 3 SMARTScaff

View the diary log on the web console

Navigate to the scaffold details page on the web console.  Scroll down to the scaffold history table, locate the diary log and tap the link titled “Click to view details”

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